THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! Sharon is extremely friendly, professional, timely, the epitome of clean and does a thorough job! I can't express my satisfaction with her services. I am quickly approaching my wedding day and because of Sharon, I can smile with confidence. I highly recommend Delicate Electrolysis for all of your electrolysis needs!
Alycia G. of Greenville, NH

Simply put, it has changed my life. I had tried other hair removal methods, including another electrologist, and did not see results. Working with Sharon is a relationship that is based on listening to your needs and a lot of trust. I highly recommend working with Sharon.
Nora Kinsella

If I knew the benefits of Sharon's electrolysis treatments, I would have done it years ago. I feel younger, less self-conscious and anxious about my appearance, more self-assured. I also feel that I deserve to take care of myself and that Sharon has a personal interest in my well-being.

My 13-year-old daughter has dark "fuzz" on her upper lip so she has also had electrolysis by Sharon. I hope this will teach her the proper way to handle concerns with her appearance and save her embarrassment quack treatments, and a healthy outlook toward her body.
T. Jones from Groton, MA

Sharon has the magic touch! After just a few treatments, the results are unbelievable. Having gone elsewhere for electrolysis off and on for 15 years and for one hour each week for the last 5 years, I thought that I was just one of those people for whom electrolysis did not work. When I moved to the area a few months back, I thought I'd try someone new and, just as Sharon promised, her treatment worked. She listened empathetically as I recounted my years of unsuccessful electrolysis treatment and my disastrous experience with laser hair removal and assured me that she could help. And, to my amazement, she has helped tremendously. I no longer have scabbing and swelling following treatment and the regrowth has been minimal. In addition, the office is impeccably clean, the cost reasonable and the experience much less painful then what I have experienced in the past. Thank you, Sharon, for everything! You are the best!!
YR from Harvard, MA

Delicate Electrolysis is the PERFECT name! I have previously been to 2 other local electrolysis companies and both were more painful than I like to remember and would leave me with little scabs for days. Then, I found my saving grace. Sharon will work with you, finding a solution that is comfortable in the area she is working on. There is no bleeding, and even the slight redness that I am left with disappears in just a few hours! Sharon offers fair pricing and exceptional customer service. I am so satisfied, I keep finding even more areas where I would like to remove hair! I could not recommend her more highly.
Kelly N. Groton, MA

Having electrolysis done with Sharon has changed my life. The fact that I have facial hair is horrible and dealing with it daily was getting old fast. So I looked through the Yellow Pages and saw the ad for "Delicate Electrolysis" and decided to call. I am so happy I called! Sharon has made such a difference in my life. No longer do I need to hide behind turtlenecks or cover up my face with my hands. I have more confidence then ever and that is from having electrolysis with Sharon! If you have hair issues on your body, donít hesitate to call Sharon; she will change your life in a matter of weeks!
Dorothy Fowle

Sharon at Delicate Electrolysis has provided me with a relaxed, professional, and clean working environment. As a client, my comfort is a top priority, and in that Sharon excels. She is committed to meeting the needs of her clients and has reached the optimum results for me in the 3 years of service. I have been impressed with her overwhelming and noticeable results. After speaking with Sharon to set up my initial appointment, she spent time with me during a consultation/orientation visit, where she understood, and continues to meet, my goals as her client. Sharon has continued to listen and I would highly recommend the services that she has to offer at Delicate Electrolysis!
Jon - Groton, MA

Wonderful! Wonderful!! I can't say enough great things about Delicate Electrolysis! I have been a customer for about 10 months, and the results are more than I could have ever anticipated!! I only wish I had come to Sharon sooner!
GC in Nashua, NH

Delicate Electrolysis has truly changed my life. It's been only a few months, but the results have been fantastic and I've noticed a drastic change from when I started. Sharon is a delight to visit every week and is truly looking out for the client in every possible way. I highly recommend her for all of your electrolysis needs.
Cheryl of Ayer, MA

I am extremely pleased with the results after only 4 treatments! Sharon is very professional and the treatment room is very clean. The instruments she uses are dispoable or sterilized. Additionally Sharon is sensitive to my comfort level and makes adjustments to her instruments accordingly. I think you too will be pleased & happy you made the decision to try Delicate Electrolysis!
D.B. Groton, MA

I would highly recommend Sharon. I tried laser hair removal first and was NOT happy with the results. Sharon is extremely knowledgable and explains everything you need to know about electrolysis. The office is clean and relaxing and the results are amazing!! After all I went through with the disappointment during the laser hair removal I am truly amazed at the results that I am already seeing after only 9 visits! AND the best part is itís permanent and the laser hair removal is NOT!
LP of Townsend

I'm a newbie to Delicate Electrolysis, but I know I will be forever thankful for Sharon. I had a whole lot of unwanted facial hair, that was both noticeable and coarse. I've tried waxing and laser removal without great results, and I've gone to other electrolysis that were very painful, and would always leave me with scabs on my face that would last about a week. It was very discouraging. But I was determined to find a way to rid me of my unwanted facial hair, and with all the research I've done on hair removal, I knew that electrolysis had to be the way, I just had to find the right person. And then I found Sharon. She does an amazing job. She's considerate, patient, very knowledgable, and gentle. I can sit through an hour appointment and not mind it, and sometimes even think "wow has it been an hour already?" I look in the mirror now and can smile cause there is no more hair where there once was. I am more confident and my chin no longer feels like razor stubble, itís awesome!
Cheryl G. in Westford

When I first came through Sharonís door I really needed some serious help in the department of aesthetics. From the start Sharon was very reassuring and confident in her prognosis of improving my appearance, and only after two months of her treatments, I can say with a big smile, that the results are beyond my expectations. Sharon does an amazing job: she is very professional, personable, and her treatment is very gentle and highly effective. I recommend Delicate Electrolysis to anyone who needs it.
Grace L. from Groton

I have been seeing Sharon Grier of Delicate Electrolysis for 2 months now. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made. The results have been nearly immediate and improving greatly over time! Her process/treatment has saved me much time on a daily basis (no more of my own "maintenance!") and she has given me a new confidence! Not only is she excellent at what she does, but she's extremely personable, professional and a pleasure to be around! I would highly recommend Sharon Grier of Delicate Electrolysis to anyone who's interested in any type of permanent hair removal!
KM of Groton, MA

I was turning into my dad, with those horrible little hairs on the edges and insides of my ears, I hated it, but I was a little embarrassed to do anything about it. Finally my wife got sick of me complaining and made an apt for me... I feel much younger and a lot less like my dad. Sharon was excellent not only at making me feel comfortable, but also took care of the problem in short order. It was a great experience - I highly suggest it to those with the need!!
Kevin O. Groton, MA

My problem was severe and I had horrible results elsewhere. Sharon did a fantastic job not only making me feel comfortable, but in short time I was seeing the results I had been looking for. Definitely worth every cent!!!
Janet in Littleton, MA

Before I began my electrolysis treatments with Sharon Grier, I was very self-conscious of my excess facial hair. I spent at least 15 minutes daily plucking it out with tweezers to feel like I looked normal. I was embarrassed to see a professional and afraid that I wouldn't find someone properly trained. When I finally reached the point at which I didn't think I was able to keep up with the hair growth, I decided to call Delicate Electrolysis.

From the beginning Sharon made me feel welcome. She took the time to explain the process and her training so that I felt comfortable giving electrolysis a try. I've been pleased with her ability to tailor her process for my individual skin type and hair growth. The results are what I hoped for. I am no longer embarrassed about my appearance. I can leave my house without 15 minutes spent tweezing and without makeup and feel good about my appearance. I would happily recommend Sharon Grier to anyone seeking a permanent hair removal process.
J.C. Harvard, MA

No one wants to admit they have unwanted facial hair. After years of plucking and waxing my face, chin and neck - I had had it. Sharon makes an uncomfortable situation bearable. She is warm and diligent in her work and very professional.
J.S. from Groton

Delicate Electrolysis has been a tremendous blessing to our family. My ancestors were northern European and my husband is from India. Our two sons have a Mediterranean appearance - The oldest is thin haired like my side of the family, the younger has thick hair like his father's. Our youngest child, our darling daughter, looks like her dad. She even had a mustache before her brothers. She would come home from school in tears because of unkind comments from her classmates. She even wanted to be home schooled because the teasing was so bad.

A dear friend had given me a glowing report of Delicate Electrolysis from her experiences. As soon a Karen was old enough, I took her to Delicate Electrolysis. We were immediately comfortable with Sharon. The office was clean, bright and very pleasant. Sharon took every care to be sure Karen was comfortable. Karen has always looked after just a few appointments, Karen was much happier. She smiled more. She would walk out of school looking up and around, not at her feet. Soon her "mustache" was a non issue. Sharon's services at Delicate Electrolysis are worth every penny. Watching Karen gain self-confidence and poise is priceless. Thank you, Sharon!
K.S. of Groton, MA

From the start of my treatments about 4 years ago, Sharon has been a delightful professional. I was very self conscious about unwanted facial hair and truthfully apprehensive about the ability to eliminate it. I have been extremely satisfied with Sharon's services of Delicate Electrolysis and have gained a new attitude about my appearance thanks to her help! I highly recommend her!
C.S. Mason, NH